SEWN International Specialist Recruiting understands that for many positions there is a lack of qualified permanent candidates in your market. It is both time consuming and costly to cover the needs of highly skilled positions with temporary employment. Looking abroad for a candidate for a medium term (typically 3 year) contract is an obvious solution but again for the individual employer this is a cumbersome and costly process without help..
After initial contact and understanding your needs we provide a customized (“SEWN”) solution for you, working together and functioning as an extension of your human resources department.

You benefit from our services in several ways: 

Suitable Candidates and Fast, hassle free results  

  • We find a suitable candidate for you from our database of existing candidates as well as marketing in 11 European (EU as well as non EU) countries at current (Greece, Italy, Spain, Serbia, Croatia, Bulgaria, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia and Ukraine).
  • Candidates are qualified in various languages.
  • For candidates that do not have the needed level of language to start working for you but posses the technical qualifications that  interest you we can (at your request) provide intensive and specialized language training through our partner language centers in order to improve knowledge of your language.
  • Our solutions are customized (“SEWN”) to your needs and provided in a timely manner.
  • We present only candidates who match your requirements. We make the necessary arrangements for interviews online or at your office matching your schedule with that of the relevant candidates. We propose initial interview online (Skype or similar) and subsequently at your office.
  • We support the candidates all the way through effective handling of the formalities for the recognition of professional qualifications, work permit or other needed administrative procedures.
  • We offer to support the candidate in their relocation process to allow you and them to focus on the work at your organization. 
  • Pricing, services and process
  • The principle of SEWN is “No gain no pain”. We will work with you to find the right candidate but only charge you our fees if we are successful (out of pocket candidate expenses are still born)
  • Together with you we will determine the services you need and we will propose a personalized offer depending on the package of services chosen.
  • We offer both one off services per candidate search and more complete agreements with an expected number of requirements in a year at a discounted rate.
  • Note that you are typically requested to cover the majority of the cost of the candidates in the process.
    • If you request a second round interview in your country (which is the normal) we do expect you to cover the majority of the expense for the low income country candidate. We typically require the candidate to pay a share of the cost to ensure the full commitment on both sides.
    • If language training is required before the candidate can start in your country you will be requested to cover these expenses

Process of selection (We support you all the way)

  1. We discuss your needs to create a correct profile description (or use yours if you have already created one)
  2. We assess the administrative/legislative needs ( recognition of professional qualifications, work permit etc. including determining from which countries candidates can be recruited for the position offered by you)
  3. We match the profiles of the candidates with the position you are offering, after analysing in depth the vacant position and the candidate’s qualifications and character.
  4. We contact the suitable candidates (found both from our database and promoting job vacancies with ads through various advertising media in multiple European candidate countries). 
  5. We propose only candidates that meet the selection criteria and validate their interest. Together with you we organize your interviews with the candidate (typically initially online).
  6. If required the candidate enrolls in a fast-track language course at one of our partner language schools in order to improve his or hers language skills to acquire the appropriate degree.
  7. We support the administrative/legislative process and support the candidate and his family with the relocation process .
  8. The candidate can start work.


SEWN International Specialist Recruiting will only accept and process CVs from candidates that have attended medical universities that are validated by the World Directory of Medical Schools.

To help and protect patients and to meet the needs of our clients, we need to know that a candidate has attended a genuine medical school of good standard, and has demonstrated the competence required to become a certified medical doctor.

The validated information in the World Directory proves that a medical school exists and is of good quality, defining “medical school” as an educational institution that provides a complete or full program of instruction leading to a basic medical qualification; that is, a qualification that permits the holder to obtain a license to practice as a medical doctor or physician.